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In the episode iSell Penny Tees, Sam deicdes to hire young 4th graders to make penny-tess instead of doing it herself. As you may know, there are few employees who get speaking roles for this episode of the iCarly saga. But there is a boy there that DOES get a speaking role, like a 4th grade girl. We do not know what his acting name is, nor who played the role of him. But all that is known about him is his last name is in between N and Z, because kids with last names from N-Z were sent to work with Carly and Freddie, like him. He eventually complains with the fourth grade girl that he wants to be treat a certain way, and quits like the other kids.


  • Is possibly close friends with 4th grade girl
  • Last name is in between N and Z
  • Brown hair and brown eyes
  • Likes candy

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