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Ado appeared in the episode, iStart a Fan War. He was a random iCarly fan in the crowd at Webicon. His accent and appearance suggest he is Indian. He has a frequent habit of standing up and saying something out loud after Carly, Sam, or Freddie start a new sentence. He is a Creddie shipper, evident by the red pin-back button he was wearing that said "Creddie".

He was portrayed by the British actor Kal Mansoor.


Worker from Webicon: Without further ado...
Ado: My name is Ado!

Carly: Any questions? [points to Ado when he puts his hand up]
Ado: You guys are awesome!

Ado: [after the iCarly cast complained that they had repeated that none of them were dating 10 times] You only repeated it 9 times!

73702 1637871680 "Finish your rapping!"
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