Amber Tate (with her puppy)

Amber Tate is a one-time character who made her only appearance in the episode iCarly Saves TV. She replaces Sam as Carly's co-host after she is fired from the TV version of iCarly. According to Brad Brenner and Freddie, she is a movie actress. She was disliked by the iCarly gang. She is portrayed by Rachel G. Fox

She owns a small, frequently vomiting dog named Biddy-Boo.


During the first few minutes she appeared, she was shown to be a stereotypical, shrewd, rude, greedy, and sassy movie actress. She thumps Freddie on his forehead because she thinks he did something to make her puppy vomit, even though that is not the case. While iCarly is being filmed, she steps in front of Carly, interrupting her and clearly showing no respect for her.

Freddie and Carly both agree that her dog is horrible. The dog pukes all over Freddie.