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ICarly- Aruthor VS01:08

ICarly- Aruthor VS. Aspartamay

Aruthor and Aspartamay Battle Song is the song of the battle call sung in the episode iStart a Fanwar, by Aspartamay and Aruthor (Jack Black and Spencer/Jerry Trainor).


+ : sung at same time with the nearest +

Aspartamay: You maggot, you fool, know you not what you say prepare to be PWNED by Aspartama-ay!

Aruthor: You look like you're hungry so taste the blade of A-ru-thor!

Aspartamay: Your blood it will boil, your flesh I shall burn it, it's eternal damnation, but I guess that you've earned it.

Aruthor: You will beg for mer-cy when I own you in the FACE!

Aspartamay: I'll thrust my sword through your lily white gullet! You look like a troll with a chambermaid's mullet!

Aruthor: You em-an-ate a stench so foul, that when you're near it makes me HOWL!

Aspartamay: I'll bleed thee dry, and ye shall cry, wah wah wah wah bah bah bah bah bop.

Aruthor: With my sword my wand and chain, I'll send you back from whence you came.

Aspartamay: Thine heart is cowardly and black. From where I'm sending you you're never coming back!

Aspartamay: I'll kick thee in thy kidney!

Aruthor: And dance upon your entrails!

Aspartamay: I'll poke thee in thine eyeballs!

Aruthor: While your mother watches!

Aspartamay: Yeasty little moldwarp!

Aruthor: My gear is fully epic!

Aspartamay: I shall sever thy tongue!

Aruthor: And yours is epic FAIL!

Aspartamay: No dragon's breath nor devil's play can save you from Aspartamay!

Aruthor: I am the king, you will be stopped. [pause] They call me Aruthor!

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