Ashley 1


Ashley is an intern and sociology major from Seattle Tech that Freddie hired in iHire An Idiot. Sam, Carly, and Freddie say she is "hot". He 'hires' her to get revenge on Carly and Sam for hiring Cort simply because of his good looks. She acts extremely dumb for most of the episode, but in the end, it turns that she's actually very intelligent (she's even at the top of her class at her school), and that she also works at the Brilliance Bar in the Pear Store.

Freddie went to Ashley about his plan to get back at Carly and Sam for hiring Cort instead of a more qualified intern, shortly after Cort accidentally destroyed his technical gear for the show, including his PearBook, by spilling lemonade all over it a mere few seconds into the webcast. She agreed to it and even used it as a thesis for one of the her sociology classes. It's implied that Freddie may have a crush on her, because he let out a sigh when she left.

She is played by Teresa Castillo.


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