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Austin was a very talkative guy who appeared in iSpeed Date. He was the date of Carly Shay until she told him to "shut up" and to "get out of here" at the Groovy Smoothie. He had an extremely annoying habit of interrupting Carly whenever she spoke, as if he couldn't hear her. But whenever somebody else talks, he never interrupted. This was not the case when Carly met him, due to the fact that she only had fifteen (or probably at least thirty; she reset the timer at least once) seconds to get to know him. He seemed funny, charming and interesting at first, but it seems he always had a huge urge to talk. Just before she tells him to shut up and go away, Carly says that he didn't let her finish one sentence the entire evening because he interrupts saying random things. He seemed to get along with Spencer, at Carly's apartment. Spencer and Austin were talking about cameras; Carly thought Austin had the same camera as Freddie.

Austin was played by actor Kevin Fonteyne.

Speed Datings

Austin talking to Carly during the speed dating.


Austin and Carly talking

ISpeed Date - Annoyed

Austin annoying Carly in iSpeed Date.

73702 1637871680 "Finish your rapping!"
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