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Baggles is a garbage bag filled with yogurt in a web segment during iBalls. He is probably a parody of Kool-Aid. He can squirt yogurt out of his nose and is frequently said to have a sinus infection. Freddie is disheartened when the viewers find Baggles more entertaining than Freddie himself during the segment. Baggles also appeared in iShock America, as a guest on their spoof of the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show, and in iFind Spencer Friends, as Gibby's groom in a wedding skit. He is verbally responsive for the first time in iFind Spencer Friends and appears to speak by way of making noises similar to Wookiees of the Star Wars franchise.


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Baggles with Sam

Sam wanted to co-host iCarly with someone else since Carly would be going to Yakima - she didn't want to do it alone. Freddie wanted to host the show with Sam, but she said she'd rather host it with a garbage bag filled with yogurt. Carly enthusiastically agreed and came up with the name Baggles.

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