Barry Schatz is a reporter from the Video Game channel, (a parody of G4), who made an appearance in the episode iStage an Intervention. He shows up at the Shay's apartment with a camera crew and a handful of Video Game channel viewers to broadcast the return of Sasha Striker in her battle against Spencer to redeem her title and the world record in the arcade game, Pak-Rat.

One of the nerdy male viewers in attendance keeps jumping on camera during the broadcast and says he is looking for women to date him, but Barry chases him away by hitting him in the head with the microphone he carries everywhere. On the iCarly live video on the actual website (not shown in the episode), Barry tells the nerd "I told you not to do that!". He also announces Spencer's world-record achievement of beating Sasha Striker and becoming the "Best Pak-Rat Player in the World."

Barry was played by actor Travis Hammer.
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