Ben Huebscher is a script writer for iCarly, Victorious, and Zoey 101. He has been mentioned in at least two episodes: in iKiss, Carly says that her first kiss was Ben Huebscher, which Sam and Freddie make fun of, and in iStart a Fanwar, one of the two tribes in World of Warlords is the Heubscher Fyords.

He has helped write 54 episodes of iCarly, 30 episodes of Victorious (as script manager, and for The Bird Scene, script coordinator) and 15 episodes of Zoey 101 (as production assistant).

The following 6 episodes were produced while he was the production assistant:

He assisted in the writing of these 35:

He helped write these 15 episodes as script manager:

He was credited on iPsycho.

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