Boogie Bear is an unknown type of character that is fictional. It´s probably the main character of a children´s book, or picture book, since Carly doesn't count the books as "real" books in the episode, iFence. We don't know who and what Boogie Bear is, only that he is a bear. He probably likes to boogie, or dance. There is a series about Boogie Bear.


There is a minimum of three books known in the iCarly universe. Sam mentioned the books in two episodes, iFence and iChristmas. Boogie Bear books were the only books Sam read until she got hooked on reading. These are the first three books' titles:

  • Boogie Bear
  • Boogie Bear 2
  • Boogie Bear 3: The Return of Boogie Bear

In iChristmas, it is revealed that The Return of Boogie Bear is Sam's favorite book.


There is at least one movie of Boogie Bear known in the iCarly universe. Spencer rented the movie, Boogie Bear Takes Manhattan, in iRocked the Vote, and it was 10 years overdue. Knowing the title, the Boogie Bear series may be a children's parody of Friday the 13th. More than likely though, it is a parody of the Muppet movie entitled, "The Muppets Take Manhattan."

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