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This page is about the Brad who appeared in iCarly Saves TV. For the Brad appearing in iHire an Idiot and iOMG, click here.

Brad Brenner is a TV producer who appeared in the episode iCarly Saves TV.

He created a TV show which was extremely lame, so
his young daughter chooses to watch iCarly over his new TV show. He then decided to make iCarly into a hit comedy TV show.

He has an obsession with dinosaurs (Zeebo) and bad comedy, which he tried to incorporate into the iCarly TV show. Ultimately, he decided it wasn't even iCarly anymore, then let the iCarly crew off the hook, and made a new TV show which was just like his old one, only with Amber Tate and Zeebo the dinosaur instead.

Brad was played by David Starzyk, who later played a small role in another Dan Schneider sitcom, Victorious as Principal Eikner.

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