Sam With Butter Sock

Sam with her butter Sock


Sam using her buttersock in iStill Psycho

The Butter Sock first appeared in iTake on Dingo. Sam used it to threaten the Dingo writers to stop copying Random Dancing, Messin' with Lewbert and other segments of iCarly and hit one of them with it twice.

It appeared again in iParty with Victorious, when Sam wanted to hit Steven Carson with it for cheating on Carly (and Tori).

It appeared for a third time in iStill Psycho, where she used it to behead one of the mannequins to make it look like Gibby was sleeping so he could escape. It is also revealed in this episode that Sam never changes the butter in the butter sock.

It was mentioned in iGo One Direction, when Sam offered to use the butter sock on Harry for faking continued illness.

It appeared in iOpen a Restaurant where Sam used it to beat up Billy Boots.

It appeared again in iBattle Chip, where Sam used it to beat up a bully at the Groovy Smoothie. She finally changes the butter in the sock afterwards.

Dan Schneider confirmed that the Butter Sock will appear on more episodes.

It was seen into more action in iRescue Carly, where Sam beats up a large group of delinquents by turning off the lights and swinging away. It was paired with the night vision goggles so Sam could see in the dark, and hit the bullies in the house, and she might have also meant to hit Gibby too. Sam says she uses hard butter in this episode.

In one of Sam's blog posts on, she mentions the butter sock when she is listing things you can buy for 3 dollars. This is what she says:

"One tube sock + One stick of butter = Instant butter sock. Cheap and
Butter sock

Sam with her butter sock in iOpen a Restaurant


The butter sock was last referenced in iGoodbye, as when Carly and Sam are signing off, Sam says to the audience "keep your sock full of butter".

It would later appear and be mentioned in Sam and Cat.

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