"I am from the year 2077, and I can prove it."
— Caleb

Caleb is a minor guest star character in the episode iLost My Mind. He is portrayed by Jim Parsons, who is famous for portraying Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Carly, Freddie and Gibby meet Caleb in the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. He is one of the hospital's patients, and believes he is from the year 2077, where California is gone, West Virginia and Virginia have merged, Carly is the Vice President and Ryan Seacrest is captured by aliens, and also says that he wears neutronium cotton pants, when it is clear that he doesn't, when Spencer kicks him in the thighs at his request.

On it says that Caleb has an IQ of 156. He also gave some predictions:

  • That crazy girl Nora gets out of jail and kidnaps the iCarly crew again.
  • Spencer will marry an alien lady. He will then have the first human-alien baby and name it Allie.
  • Sam will become a vegetarian.
  • A woman named Mrs. Benson will accidentally bring a hair-eating virus into the country from Barbados. Most people in Seattle will go bald, but their hair will grow back eventually.
  • Christmas will be moved to the summer because Americans will start complaining that they'd rather be tan while opening presents.
  • Freddie will become a professional ping-pong player and his face will be on cereal boxes in Mainland China and Greece.
  • A man named T-Bo will invent an app that makes stupid people smart and as a result school will be canceled forever.
  • Gibby will be the first real-life superhero. His power will be that he can make ANY girl fall in love with him. The world will call him "The Love Man".
  • The Jersey Shore will become a luxury vacation destination.
  • Sam will sell her role as co-host of iCarly in order to buy a tree-house made entirely of licorice.
    • Only the first one came true.

Jim Parsons Makes a 'Bang' on 'iCarly' - ET Online - June 8th 201102:32

Jim Parsons Makes a 'Bang' on 'iCarly' - ET Online - June 8th 2011

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