Candace is a minor guest character, she only appears in iWon't Cancel The Show. She was Spencer's short-lived date, until she walked out on him and ended their relationship at the end of the episode due to her thinking him as being out of her league.


She has a minor role in the show as Spencer's sophisticated girlfriend, but she ends their relationship at the end of the episode (iWon't Cancel the Show). She was supposed to be going on a date with Spencer, but he had to do iCarly as Sam was in juvie and his dad was watching iCarly for the very first time. Every time Spencer came down to stop her from being suspicious, she talked and he had to make an excuse to go back upstairs to continue the show.


She is a very sophisticated woman who wears pantyhose and likes "sophisticated men that can cook." She also is shown to be very rude and offensive, such as calling the cast "Freaks" after Spencer (in baby form) accidentally spits creamed fish on her face when he was choking. In personality, she is very unappealing, and doesn't like the fact that Spencer helps children with webcasts, which causes their relationship to end. She is also impatient and very talkative, as shown when Spencer is about to go back up, but she unknowingly stalls him with a speech.

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