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Charles Dingo is the deceased founder of Dingo Studios, from the episode "iTake on Dingo".

Rumor has it that Dingo Studios placed his head in a glass jar and locked it in a cryogenic freezer. In the middle of the episode, Spencer and Freddie find the head in a cryogenic freezer.

Charles Dingo is a parody of the Walt Disney controversy, about him being frozen underneath a ride at Disneyland.

Dingo Studios and Dingo Channel are extremely unpopular due to their bizarre and/or uninteresting TV shows (as the writers don't have any original ideas).


Spencer with the box containing the head of Charles Dingo.


  • The freezing of Dingo's head is a reference to the urban legend of Walt Disney (and sometimes only his head) being cryogenically frozen in Disneyland underneath a ride.
  • Disney was actually cremated and his ashes are at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
  • Dingo is played by Dan Schneider, (a facial mold of Schneider's head).
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