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Corn Juice is a drink made by Spencer Shay. He says he made it on his lawn in iDate Sam and Freddie. Carly Shay tries this suspicious drink and says, "It's awful!" Spencer replies, smiling, "Isn't it?"

Later in the episode "iDate Sam and Freddie," Gibby drinks the corn juice and he, surprisingly, actually likes it.

Why and How It's Made

Spencer says that he was "shucking some corn" and then he, for some reason, wondered why no one ever made corn juice. Carly then yells at him by saying "MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE HAVE BRAINS THAT WORK PROPERLY!" This makes Spencer very sad. This is the first big hint that Carly hates it. The second big hint is her drinking it, spitting it out and saying, "IT'S AWFUL!"


Carly: Oh, here [takes corn juice and drinks it] THIS IS AWFUL! [spits it out]

Spencer: [smiling] Isn't it?

Carly: You want some corn juice?

Gibby: [crying] Yes, please...

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