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DanWarp: Pic! OMG... Freddie's REPLACEMENT?!?

Cort is a guy Sam and Carly hired as an intern (without Freddie's approval) in the episode, iHire An Idiot. He was hired because he is attractive.

However, Cort is referred to as an idiot; he was kicked out of college for being "dangerously stupid." During his time as intern, he ruined many things including Freddie's laptop, Pear-pad, and a future iCarly sketch by eating the raw meat props.

Another scene features Cort playing with a slinky, only for him to get tangled up, even with the help of the other intern Freddie hired, Ashley. He was eventually fired because of his stupidity and incompetence.

At the end of the episode, when he leaves the iCarly studio in the elevator, he comes back up, looking astonished and saying "this is an elevator!"


Cort and Sam

Cort is again mentioned in iOMG when Brad asks "How are things working out with Cort on iCarly? The gang mumbles and Freddie then says they fired him because he was "dangerously stupid."

Carly thinks that Cort is pretty and beautiful.

Cort is portrayed by Daniel Booko.

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