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Cramps is an 87-year-old clown who attended Nora's
sixteenth birthday party in iPsycho. He had to be rushed to the hospital during the party after he burped and had an aneurysm while dancing with Sam. His arteries burst and he possibly died, as it is indirectly said by a paramedic. Cramps danced with Carly as well, even though she didn't want to. Cramps is played by Patrick Birkett.

He was mentioned again in iStill Psycho, when Sam reminded Nora about Cramps having a "Clowneurysm".


  • Cramps is a very small nod to Cramps the Clown from All That, a character played by Kenan Thompson.


  • "Dance me!"
    Cramps dance me00:06

    Cramps dance me

    Dance me...

73702 1637871680 "Finish your rapping!"
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