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The Crown Ridge Mall is a mall in Seattle. It has been mentioned in iStage an Intervention, when Freddie pulled a prank on Sam by texting her a fake message that looked like it came from Gary Wolf telling Sam to meet him at the Crown Ridge Mall. The mall is a huge place and is best known to have a galleria, garage parking, and one of biggest and fanciest malls of all time. It has two notable stores, Build-A-Bra and Glitter Gloss, that Carly and Sam have both gone to and mention in multiple episodes.

Possible Stores

Build-A-Bra - A store that sells parts of bras that girls can come and make into their own, custom bra.

Glitter Gloss - A store that sells all sorts of lip gloss.

Groovy Smoothy - Not the one T- Bo owns, but a smoothery in Crown Ridge Mall.

Chili My Bowl - A different Chili My Bowl is in Crown Ridge Mall.

B.F Wangs - Chinese restaurant known for its Mushi (Drake & Josh) and Bang Bang Noodles (Victorious:Who Did It To Trina?)

Premiere Theatre - Seen in Drake & Josh and iQ.

Inside-Out Burger - A burger restaurant that is known for selling burgers. This restaurant was featured on Drake & Josh and Spencer, Sam, and Freddie usually go there to play pranks on them with Carly recording, and broadcasted on the iCarly website.

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