Dental Hygienist

The Dental Hygienist who assisted Dr. Wheeler in treating Sam in the episode, iThink They Kissed.

Carly had taken Sam to her dentist after Sam broke one of her teeth during an iCarly segment (after she admitted that she hadn't been to a dentist in 12 years).


Sam was a bit nervous, yes.

Sam was extremely nervous, to the point of physically threatening both Dr. Wheeler and the hygienist, and actually biting the dentist several times. She calmed down, however, after they administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to her. Dr. Wheeler then replaced Sam's lost tooth and filled three other cavities.

Dr. Wheeler and the hygienist went to examine Sam's X-rays, leaving Carly and Sam alone (It was then that Sam, under the influence of the nitrous oxide, told Carly she was "missing" a thumb, likes fried chicken, and accidentally said that she had kissed Freddie).

The dentist's office is located in St. Agony's Seattle Medical Plaza.

The hygienist was played by Vivian Bang.

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