Dingo is a parody of Disney. So far, three things owned by the company have been mentioned on iCarly: The Dingo Channel, Radio Dingo and Dingo Land.

Dingo Channel

The Dingo Channel was founded by Charles Dingo. The mascot animal for the channel is a dingo. The Dingo Channel was first mentioned in iTake on Dingo, when the iCarly gang tried to stop the writers of the show "Totally Teri" from plagarizing their ideas from their webshow. The network was again mentioned in iToe Fat Cakes, where Carly was flipping through channels in the bathroom and changed the channel after seeing the advertisement for a show about twin ninjas.

Original Dingo Shows

Controversy Regarding the Dingo Channel

People sometimes get confused with the Dingo Channel abbreviation with the Disney Channel abbreviation because both of their abbreviations are DC. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel could be considered "rivals" for the fact they're both the top two family-oriented channels.

There is speculation that this episode was a shout out to the Disney Channel due to creator Dan Schneider supposedly writing an original script about a girl being able to be on the show of her dreams, then dropping the idea and creating the show iCarly. Sometime later, the Disney Channel came up with the show "Sonny With a Chance," which some believe is the show Dan intended to poke fun at due to its similar concept as he allegedly wrote. Also, the subplot about Charles Dingo's frozen head could be addressing the myth that Walt Disney's head/body was cryogenically preserved and is frozen underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland.


  • The Dingo channel is the parody of the Disney Channel.

Radio Dingo

Radio Dingo is the parody of Radio Disney.

In the episode iOMG, Carly and Gibby "torture" Spencer in the Gastric Chamber Stimuli by playing a song on Radio Dingo. The song was blurry, but it sounded edited and had a tacky beat.

Dingo Land

Dingo Land was mentioned in the extended version of iParty With Victorious. Gibby asked if they could make a stop at Dingo Land on their way home from LA, but no one else wanted to, and Freddie called it a rip-off.

Dingo Land is most likely a parody of Disneyland.

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