Disgusting Super Slow Motion is a webcast on featuring Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Spencer Shay getting hit or smashed with items in slow motion. In this picture Sam is getting smashed with a raw egg. YUCK!


These are Disgusting Super Slow Motion episodes, with descriptions from

Raw Egg

We smash raw eggs on Sam's face in slow motion! Don't feel thumb|250px|right|Disgusting Super Slow Motion: Raw Eggbad for the egg, he was rude

USB Rocket Launcher

Once you've seen Spencer get blasted in the head in slow motion, you'll never go back to regular motion again! The launcher is voiced by Dan Schneider.

5 Liquids

Freddie's face better prepare itself. It's about to get blasted with thumb|250px|right|SUPER SLOW MOTION USB ROCKET LAUNCHERthumb|250px|right|5 Liquids5 flavored liquids- in super slow motion, of course.

Cocktail Olives

We've all seen Spencer do stupid things. This is probably the stupidest. Is "stupidest" a word? Who knows? Anyway, watch him be stupid.

thumb|250px|right|Cocktail Olives

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