Don Flanken is the owner of Flanken Motors, who seemed to greatly enjoy selling cars, and had no clue about the car givaway contest. He appeared in IGive Away a Car.

In that episode, Carly, Sam, and Freddie were approached by a boy claiming to be Jeffery Flanken, the son of Don Flanken, who said that his father wanted to sponsor a contest on iCarly, with the prize being a new car. After holding the contest (which was won by Nevel Papperman), the iCarly staff went to Flanken Motors, only to find that Don Flanken knew nothing about any such contest. He had no new car to give away, and did not even have any sons (he has two daughters and no sons). The entire contest was, in fact, a scheme engineered by Nevel to trap iCarly into a fraud charge.

When Mr. Flanken mentioned that he had two daughters and no sons, he admitted that his oldest daughter, Jessica, has a "man-ish" behavior.


Don Flanken was played by Lenny Citrano.