Dr. Van Gurben
Dr. Sydney Van Gurben
is a scientist who studied Bigfoot. He wrote a book called Bigfoot: True or Real?.
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Dr. Van Gurben in his bigfoot costume

He also dressed up as Bigfoot just to create hype so that people would buy his book. He appeared only in iBelieve in Bigfoot. He was caught in the end. He also states he wasn't very popular as a kid as he replies to Sam's question. He must want people to buy his book so much as he mentions his book over and over on the iCarly show. He is also noted for calling Robin's Weiners a "Weinery." He wants people to buy his book so that he can finally not be a "loser" and be famous for once.

Dr. Van Gurben was played by actor Craig Welzbacher.

Dr. Van Gurben (Bigfoot)

"I'm a sick person."

73702 1637871680 "Finish your rapping!"
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