Drake & Josh is Dan Schneider's previous show before iCarly. There have been some references to it on iCarly.

Episodes Mentioned or Appearances

  • iWanna Stay With Spencer - Granddad Shay tells Spencer he will be at the Parker-Nichols hotel.
  • iMake Sam Girlier - Sam has a picture of Drake (from his profile page in the Drake & Josh website) in her locker.
  • iGo Nuclear - "I Found a Way" can be heard on the scene at the Groovy Smoothie.
  • iMust Have Locker 239 - Sam's mom driving after having an eye surgery is possibly a reference to Drake & Josh's episode "Helen's Surgery", where Helen drove to The Premiere after having an eye surgery.
  • iCook - Carly, Sam, and Freddie use Peruvian Puff Peppers in their spaghetti tacos.
  • iWas a Pageant Girl - Carly's "special lemonade" is a reference to Josh's "limeade".
  • iBloop - Drake Bell appears and says, "Hey Megan. Where's Josh, Mom and Dad?" to Miranda Cosgrove and eats part of her watermelon.
  • iStart a Fanwar - Gavin, Eric, and Craig went to Webicon. A picture of them is on, and the description says that Carly recognizes them from a past life.
  • iGot a Hot Room - During the credits scene, Sam and Freddie sing "I Found a Way", along with "Leave It All to Me" and "Make It Shine".
  • iGet Pranky - Carly watches Megan Parker pull a prank on Drake and Josh for messing with her hamster Hervey.
    • Also, Spencer watches Crazy Steve in a scene yelling, "Use the map, Dora!"
  • iQ - Carly goes to the Premiere Theatre with Kyle and sees the movie Ick Glockmah. Both the theater and the movie were previously mentioned in Drake & Josh.
  • iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo - Christopher Cane tells Miranda Cosgrove she was adorable in Drake & Josh.
  • iToe Fat Cakes - Carly watches a short clip from the Peruvian Puff Pepper episode.
  • iPear Store - "Drake & Josh" can be read on the iCarly studio monitor, when Carly is talking to Trey.

iCarly References on Drake & Josh

  • In Really Big Shrimp, one of the movies that was being played at The Premiere was called, "Now She's Carly", referring to Miranda Cosgrove, who played Megan on the show, will soon be portraying a character named Carly.
  • In Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, as Josh is flipping through channels, he flips through the iWeb Awards.