Taco Guapo is a restaurant sometimes mentioned in iCarly. It is a parody of Taco Bell.

It was first mentioned on iCarly in the episode iMake Sam Girlier

This was mentioned when Carly was reminiscing about the "lame party" that Sam's mom threw for Sam in the parking lot outside of it. El Taco Guapo is Spanish for "the handsome taco."

It was mentioned again later in iOpen A Restaurant, where Carly and Spencer's stolen TV was found in a dumpster behind El Taco Guapo with a man sleeping beside it.

El Taco Guapo was mentioned earlier in "Zoey 101", Dan Schneider's old show. In the episode "Curse of PCA", the nurse was holding a burrito with an El Taco Guapo bag.

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