The mother of Emily, a young Sunshine Girl who appeared in iOwe You.
Kathy Millford

Emily and her mother live down the block from Bushwell Plaza, and she was taking Emily around to sell Sunshine Girl Fudge Balls. Emily was hoping to sell the most Fudge Balls in her troop, so she could win a bicycle. Unfortunately, Emily was painfully shy, to the point that she would cry and run away whenever she faced a stranger who approached her.

Hoping to impress her attractive, and single, mother, Spencer offered to help Emily sell Fudge Balls, since he used to help Carly sell them when she was a Sunshine Girl.
IOwe You (06)
Emily's mother did seem to like Spencer. She appeared amused when he said, "I really want to help Emily," as soon as she told him she wasn't married.

Spencer's efforts met with little success at first. Two older Sunshine Girls stole his place at the market, and when he tried to sell them at a shipyard, the dockworkers threw clams at him. Eventually, Spencer came up with the idea of sending Fudge Balls to all of the children who had sent money to Sam, after a request she made for it on iCarly (with the purpose of paying Carly and Freddie the money she owes them). However, Sam was unaware that it is illegal to solicit money from minors over the Internet, but Spencer learned (thanks to a book he kept after the three days he spent in law school), that it is not, unless a product or service is provided in return. That way, Sam could keep the money sent to her, and Emily would be able to sell the most Fudge Balls in her troop. The plan worked, and Emily won the bicycle.

Emily's mother was portrayed by Jennifer O'Dell.

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