Endgame refers mainly to the final episode of iCarly, iGoodbye. There are multiple ways to discuss this: Endgame is basically where the show concluded - romance, character positions, rivalries, etc.

One of the biggest commitments of the iCarly fanbase is the romantic relationships between the three main characters, Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, and Freddie Benson. While it is/was often speculated which of the three would end up together by the two distinct fan groups Creddie and Seddie (and others like Cibby and Cam) - there was, after 100 or more episodes, a "sort of" conclusion.


On the romantic side of things:

  • Creddie received a nod. Carly and Freddie kissed for the last time on iCarly; neither gave any real emotion toward the exchange.
  • Seddie received a nod. Sam and Freddie had a conversation where Freddie brought up the topic of them getting back together.
  • Spam gets a nod. Spencer gave Sam his motorcycle that she will later have in Sam & Cat .
  • Cibby got a nod. Gibby offered to take Carly to the dance and dressed in a nice tuxedo. Carly wanted to hear Gibby's catchphrase one more time for the road.
  • Cam got a nod. Sam gave Carly her blue remote.
  • Creddiam gets a nod. Carly, Freddie, and Sam all experience "flashbacks" to iPilot as Carly was leaving.
  • In the end, no one was officially dating.

Apart from the romance, or lack thereof, there were some crucial events and callbacks:

  • Colonel Shay made his first (and only) on-screen appearance. His appearance is what causes Carly to leave for Italy as he is unable to spend anymore time at Bushwell Plaza.
  • Miss Briggs is still unmarried; meaning her affair with Mr. Howard never prospered.
  • Lewbert remained safe and distanced from his ex girlfriend, Marta Trundel.
  • Sam got herself a motorcycle. This motorcycle will later make an appearance in Sam & Cat.
  • Spencer's ability to set thing on fires never diminished.
  • Socko never made an on-screen appearance.
  • Wesley, despite rumors, did not make a reappearance.

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