Eric "Noseby" Mosby was brought up in a conversation between Sam and Freddie in the episode iSaved Your Life. This was the only time he has been mentioned. It is said that he got his name due to the size of his nose. There is not much known about him other than the fact that he dated Sam. It is said that he asked Sam out multiple times only to be rejected. He ended up getting Sam a subscription to the "Bacons of the World Club", and Sam soon started dating him because of her love for meat.

Relationships With Main Characters

Sam Puckett

Sam and Eric dated, but is not known for how long. Sam didn't want to go out with him no matter how many times he asked. She rejected him continuously until he enrolled her into the "Bacons of the World Club". After being enrolled into the club, Sam says she thought she was in love with him.

Freddie Benson

Eric went to the same school as Freddie.

Carly Shay

Eric dated her best friend and went to the same school as her.

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