The model on Spencer's right side, Buckminshta, on Spencer's left side, Klaus. And behind the couch (from left to right): Yussle, Vooshnod, Yurgin and Olaf

The European Swimsuit models appeared in the episode, iCarly Awards. They are described as "Fun guys" from a modeling agency. When Freddie tells Spencer that there are models in the lobby, he assumes they're all women and runs to ask them to help him create iCarly awards--he's fairly disappointed when he finds that the swimsuit models are actually men. At first, they have trouble understanding Spencer and don't make the dolls right, so Spencer put on some 'Fun Guy' music to help them concentrate.

The models have fun helping Spencer make the iCarly Awards, although they did get distracted at one point by watching a video of turtle trying to eat a tomato (one of the web videos that won an award). At the end of the episode, the European Swimsuit models help carry the ten-foot iCarly award to the studio (which Carly gave to Spencer for being "The Best Big Brother of All Time"). Carly and Sam seemed surprised that the swimsuit models are guys, but unlike Spencer, were happy about it, especially when they were dancing with them at the end of the episode.

They were supposed to be photographed for the 'Fun Guy Calendar' but instead they made the iCarly awards, because Spencer tied up their boss.

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