Fladoodles are fictional snacks that are first seen in the episode iAm Your Biggest Fan. The iCarly trio sent Mandy to find these in an attempt to get rid of her. They were shocked when she actually showed up at the door with a grocery bag full of them, thinking they were really fictional. Mandy, though, says she found them in a "weird Scandinavian market."

Fladoodles were invented in Sweden and are a type of chips with a smell of moose hooves. It is also known that there are fat-free, barbecue flavored, cool ranch, and zesty jalepeno fladoodles.


Fat Free Fladoodles

Fladoodles are mentioned once more in iWant a World Record when the man who disrupted the iCarly webcast and told them to go down to the lobby said, "I don't give a flying fladoodle about your world record, everyone down to the lobby right now!"

Fladoodles are supposed to be a parody of cheese doodles.

In a Nick Podcast, Jerry Trainor explains that Fladoodles are made from moose hooves.

However, the rest of the iCarly cast said they hoped Fladoodles tasted sweet.


Freddie with Fladoodles


A cropped bag of Fladoodles.


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