These are the blogs that Freddie Benson posted on

My Mom is Out of the House!

Freddie's Texts Gone BAD

Freddie's Blog BY Mrs. Benson

Is Carly the PERFECT GIRL or what???

Best Dream Ever (Until I Woke Up)

Mr. Awesome ISN'T So Awesome

So My Mom Is Little Bit Nutz

iCarly Quiz!

My MOST Embarrassing Moments...

MORE Embarrassing Moments -- MINE AND YOURS!!!

My New Year's Resolutions

Freddie's Valentine's Day E-Cards for Carly

You Wrote the Caption!!!!

Why I DON'T Like Gym Class!

Embarrassing Stick-It Notes from My Mom!

We're Just Like You

Manly Bonding with Spencer (Yeah, Right!)

U Have Questions. I Got Answers. Part Deux!

We're Just Like You

Life with Lewbert

My Thanksgiving Nightmare!

Freddie's Black Friday

Carly's Birthday Gift

Sam's DISGUSTING Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

iCarly-ize YOUR Name

Laws That My Mom Is Trying to Get Passed

We Answer YOUR Questions!

We Answer MORE of YOUR Questions!

My Embarrassing Halloween Costume

How Sam ruined our Thanksgiving!

Carly's Present is Lost in the Mail!

Perks of Being Hit By a Taco Truck

iCarly Quiz Time!

My Workout Plan

Little Freddie: On the Go!

The Return of Little Freddie!

Everybody LOVES Gibby!

Spencer's Hair in a Jar

How Sam Ruined Our Trip

Lewbert's Xmas List!

Fun Football Facts

iCarly Update!!!

Tech Time with Freddie!

I Wish I Had a Girlfriend

Sam Changed My Answers!

Mrs. Benson: The Halloween Killer

Black Friday with My Mom

Another iCarly Random Tale

Nevel Takes Over Freddie's Blog

Socko's Family Word Search!

An iCarly Update: 2012 Edition

We're Having a SAM-WICH Party!

An iCarly Random Tale: Gibby's Restaurant Rules

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