Fudge balls!

Fudge Balls are a fictional snack that has been shown in the episodes iOwe You and iHave My Principals.

They were first shown in the episode, iOwe You, when Spencer helped Emily try to sell the most fudge balls for her Sunshine Girls troop. But since some iCarly viewers sent money to Sam after illegally telling them to, instead of sending back the money, Carly and Freddie (with Spencer and Socko's help), sent Fudge Balls back to everyone who sent in money, and eventually Emily won the bike.

They were then shown again in iHave My Principals when Principal Franklin appeared on iCarly in a segment called "Hey, What Am I Sitting On?" There, he was blindfolded and had to guess what he was sitting on (as the segment's name implies), and guessed the right answer, which was Fudge Balls.

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Different kinds of fudge balls

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