There are ICarly fanfics that don't focus solely on romantic pairings, but friendship, minor pairings and just general fanfiction related to the show.

Welcome to General Fanfiction, a place for iCarly stories not focused on Cam, Seddie, Creddie, and etc.


  • Snappelinz
  • Fanfiction of the Dead

ICarly Fanfiction

  • iFight Crime With Victorious by Fanfiction of the Dead. When a meteor shower causes people in Seattle and Hollywood Arts to develop super powers, ICarly's spin-off "iHero" goes onto fight crime, while Neville and Ponnie start their own band of supervillains in a bid to reign terror over Carly, Tori, and all of their friends.
  • iCarly's Father by Snappelinz/OneHorseShay. In the aftermath of Adam and WebiCon, Freddie believes he's back to square one in his hopes to get back with Carly. However, a surprise visitor to the Shays may be Freddie's best ally or worst enemy on that quest.

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