Spencer, Gibby, and the Gibby head in iStill Psycho.

The Gibby head is a fake head that looks identical to Gibby's head. It first appeared in iStill Psycho, where it used as a running gag. It was also used to make it look like Gibby was asleep on Nora's couch so that Gibby could try to escape through the chimney. It later appeared in iGo One Direction and the Victorious episode April Fools Blank. It can also be seen in iOpen a Restaurant as decoration in Gibby's.

It is sold in iLost My Head in Vegas to get bail money for Sam's mom. Gibby is not happy about this, stating he wouldn't have sold it for even thousands of dollars. He is eventually subdued by Sam and the head is sold. Gibby subsequently has a new one created for him in iGoodbye, comically getting stuck in the machine after it is done.

On, Gibby dreamt that his head got married to Ariana Grande (Cat in Victorious) in What's Gibby Thinking About?. This is called "Gibby Head Gets Hitched".


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