Great Aunt Natalie is a fake "Shay" family member, portrayed by Spencer. She is mentioned once in iWant My Website Back when she is said to have never met Nevel by Carly, but then Spencer, confused, states that they do not have a Great Aunt Natalie. Carly replies with a smirk, asking what size dress Spencer wears. He reveals that he is a 10-1, unaware that Carly's plan was to send him to Nevel's next autograph signing event dressed as Aunt Natalie, to trick Nevel into signing the iCarly URL back over to them. 


  • She is a fake family member.
  • She is portrayed by Spencer Shay.
  • Her voice is very high, due to the fact that Spencer is a boy and his voice is low.
  • She has never met Nevel Papperman.

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