Griffin was Carly's boyfriend in the episode iDate A Bad Boy. Griffin steals Spencer's motorcycle, and a policeman catches him. Spencer then takes pity on him, and lets him off the hook. Later, Griffin and Spencer become friends and work together on a metal sculpture, a project involving sledgehammers and purple paint. At first, Carly is infuriated that Spencer has taken a criminal "under his wing."

Later, when Spencer comes back to the apartment from the Groovy Smoothie, he finds Griffin and Carly making out, which made him scream in horror for a long time. Now, their opinions are reversed: Spencer hates Griffin and Carly likes him. They secretly date, much to Spencer's chagrin. Later, after Spencer finally accepts that his younger sister is growing up, Carly finds out Griffin collects Pee Wee Babies (a parody of Beanie Babies), and disturbed by this, she tries to change him by giving him a power drill. Griffin doesn't get the message, and continues his obsession with Pee Wee Babies. Carly nearly destroys Griffin's "Peter the Penguin" with the power drill.

In the end, they break up because the Pee Wee Babies ruined Carly's image of him as a "bad boy," and makes fun of him. He then walks away, making their break-up official.

In iBeat the Heat, Griffin asks Carly if he can use her air conditioned apartment to keep his Pee Wee Babies cool, because very extreme heat hurts them. He leaves at the end of the episode, without even a goodbye, when the air conditioning returns to the building. That has been said to be Griffin's last appearance in the series.

Freddie is also known to be extremely jealous of Griffin and his "bad boy" act. Possibly because it interferes with his extreme crush on Carly Shay.

Griffin is portrayed by Drew Roy, who also appeared as a bad boy on Hannah Montana in the episode, "He Could Be the One."


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