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Gunsmoke was Freddie's bodyguard in the iCarly episode iSam's Mom, which was his only appearance. Mrs. Benson hired Gunsmoke to protect Freddie after Freddie got footage of The Shadow Hammer (who had never before been caught on camera) robbing the Groovy Smoothie. He was trying to video tape some hot blondes. Freddie was in danger because his apartment, Bushwell Plaza, and name was known.

Gunsmoke has participated in three wars (None of which were named) and has a hole in his leg that is not from a bullet. Not much is known about Gunsmoke, but it is shown that despite his violent nature, which includes watching gory movies and violently stopping others from having physical contact with his clients, he's shown to have a somewhat soft side. Gunsmoke happens to enjoy the show "Full House" and has expressed a liking for snow cones. He has a dry sense of humor.

He takes his job very seriously. When he was hired to protect Freddie, he attacked Spencer several times over trivial matters, explaining that he wouldn't allow anyone to lay a hand on Freddie.


  • His name comes from the television Western drama.
  • He likes Full House.
  • He likes the movie The Killing War.
  • The hole in his leg is never explained as this would be too gruesome for children.
  • Freddie said he was in 3 wars.
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