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Hal was a character in the iCarly episode, iSaw Him First.

After the elevator in the Shay's apartment broke down, Hal was called in to repair it. After repairing the elevator and saying that it should work fine, it fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft. When Hal came again to fix the elevator, it was revealed that Hal was actually a tap dancer, which was most likely the reason the elevator wasn't fixed that time either.

Hal appears in a Random Debate, which had Andrew Hill Newman wearing a wig and impersonating Sam, Chuck Chambers, and Spencer Shay. He was filling in for Freddie. He gives a long speech on ladies, much to the dismay of Spencer and "Sam." He also appears in an interview with Boofus and T-Bo.

On an iCarly picture, it says that he lives in his car.

Hal was played by an actor named Bryan Coffee.

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