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Harmoo is the pet photographers' himalayian cat, who is treated as if he were a spoiled child. He always attacks Spencer's face when he is nearby, possibly giving him the name Harmoo (a combination of the words "harm" and "you"). He appears in the episode, iMove Out.

Harmoo got kidnapped by Sam and they kept him in the upstairs bathroom of Carly's apartment. The iCarly trio sends the Petographers a note threatening to shave off Harmoo's fur if they don't repair the iCarly studio and they immediately agree, because of their love for the cat.

IMove out 3
Spencer calls Harmoo, 'possessed', and saves him when Harmoo was perched upon a ledge outside Freddie's new apartment (he moved out because his mom was treating him like a baby), showing Harmoo his face, and Harmoo attacked it, bringing himself inside to safety.

Sam bringing the kidnapped cat to Carly's apartment

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