Henri P'Twa is a French comedian whose webshow is one of iCarly's competitors for the
Henri Oompe igtj
Best Comedy iWeb Award in the episode iGo to Japan. Despite being a nominee for the prestigious iWeb Award, Henri is clearly a third-rate ventriloquist at best, as his lips very obviously move when he makes barking noise for his pink poodle puppet Oompe, Henri's comedy partner.

Character-wise, Henri P'Twa is delineated as a stereotypically rude Frenchman, complete with beret and neckerchief. His canine puppet Oompe is a French poodle, who also wears a beret and sports a thin, curly black moustache.

The iCarly gang encounter the obnoxious Henri and Oompe twice at the front desk of t
Spencer Henri Oompe igtj
he Hotel Nakamura in Tokyo. Both Sam and Spencer snatch Oompe off Henri's hand to get him to leave the front desk so they can speak with the clerk.

While acting out their adventures in Japan for the clueless iWeb Awards security guards, Sam and Carly mimic Henri P'Twa and his arguments with the hotel clerk. Unknown to the girls, Freddie is filming them and broadcasting their antics to the iWeb Awards audience using a small camera. At the end Henri P'Twa threw Oompe on the ground, called it a stupid puppet, and walked away.

Henri is played by the American actor Jonathan Mangum.


"I was supposed to have a seperate room for my poopit!" (iGo to Japan)

"Stupid poopit!" (iGo to Japan)

73702 1637871680 "Finish your rapping!"
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