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Cheers 003

Hey, What Am I Licking?is a webcast on iCarly featuring Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Gibby Gibson and Spencer Shay licking items, and giving them a minute to figure out what the item is.


These are Hey, What Am I Licking? episodes, with descriptions from iCarly.


You know Hey, What Am I Sitting On?. Now, check out Hey, What Am I Licking?

Cheers 002

Gibby is licking a tennis racket

Tennis Racket

Gibby tries to find out that he's licking a tennis racket.

A Man's Hat

Freddie is about to lick a hat! Not just any hat. It's a man's hat! How great is that?

Vintage Telephone

Today's licker is Sam and her tongue is about to go retro. She's licking a vintage telephone!

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