Hey, What Am I Sitting On? is a webcast on iCarly featuring Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Principal Franklin and Spencer Shay sitting on items, and giving them 20 seconds to figure out what the item is.


These are Hey, What Am I Sitting On? episodes, with descriptions from iCarly.


Will Spencer guess he's sitting on a plate of meatloaf? Watch and find out! This is an international link available to everyone

Cheers 004


Principal Franklin must figure out what he's sitting on!

Hey What Am I Sitting On

Birthday Cake

Ummm...Sam must have a very smart butt!

Link to this!

Mac And Cheese

Spencer has 20 seconds to figure out what he's sitting on. See if he does it!

Link to this!

Doll Heads

How does Sam know it? She always knows exactly what she's sitting on. Weird!

Link to this!

Gibby's Stomach

It's Freddie's turn to play. Can he guess what (or who) he's sitting on?

Link to this!

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