Hotel Nakamura Clerk
The clerk at the front desk of the Hotel Nakamura, where Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Mrs. Benson were staying, while they were in Tokyo for the iWeb Awards, in iGo To Japan.

When she handled their check-in, she mistook Carly and Freddie for newly-weds on a honeymoon twice, much to Carly's displeasure. It is possible that she is a Creddie shipper if she has seen iCarly.

[Carly and Freddie walk up to the front desk.]

Clerk : Hello. Welcome to Hotel Nakamura. May I help you?

Carly : Yeah, we're checking in.

Clerk : Aw, honeymoon couple!

[Freddie looks at Carly with a smile and raises his eyebrows. Carly slaps him.]

Clerk : [Waving] Ah, enjoy your honeymoon!

Carly : Stop saying that!

The clerk was portrayed by Elaine Lee.

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