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Hungry girl

Hungry girl logo

Hungry Girl (Lisa Lillen)
is Dan Schneider's wife and represents the name of her show on Food Network. She is mentioned many times on the show. Her logo/cartoon image is used in the opening credits. There have been subtle references to Hungry Girl (Lisa Lillien) in some episodes of iCarly. In iWas a Pageant Girl one of the contestants' names was Lisa Lillien. In iLost My Mind and ICan't Take It, clips of the Hungry Girl show are seen on iCarly. In iGo To Japan, Hungry Girl (Lisa Lillen) was shown as a contestant in the iWeb Awards. They were also seen in Dan Schnieder's other show Victorious, in the episode Car, Rain, and Fire. In the show, Lisa Lillien appears as an extra in the series finale iGoodbye. The website of Hungry Girl is frequently seen on the Shay's computer.
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