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iAct it Out is a short-lived segment where Freddie, Sam, and Spencer play the parody of charades. It can be speculated that the actors are actually playing along and that the game itself is not scripted.

The Wizard of Oz

In the very first sketch of iAct it Out, Spencer explains the rules and goes on to act out "The Wizard of Oz". Sam and Freddie mistakenly guess that his motions for a sorcerer's hat as horns or a unicorn, until he gives the clue that the second word sounds like "lizard". After 55 seconds of guessing, the two supposedly guess the answer correctly at the same time. The video fades to black with Sam and Freddie arguing amongst themselves who guessed it correct first, Spencer standing silently in the background.

Wizard of Oz


In the second sketch of iAct it Out, Spencer opens with a bad pun. After explaining the rules, he begins the game by giving the first few simple clues such as "movie musical", "one word", "one syllable" -- Spencer then acts out the clue, making an awkward stance. Sam guesses correctly "Grease" within a few seconds, Freddie baffled as to how she was able to get the answer so quickly, the video fading to black as he complains to Spencer. The video fades to black as Sam basks in her glory, Freddie continuing to complain to Spencer.


Spongebob Squarepants

The sketch opens with the three imitating a barbershop quartet, then making unusual sounds and noises at the camera. Freddie then goes to explain the rules as Sam and Spencer get into position on the opposite side of the room. Freddie gives the clue of two words, two syllables and the first syllable being "sponge" -- although neither Sam nor Spencer can correctly guess the correct word, saying incorrect guesses such as "soap," "suds," "cleaning," and "pouring". Freddie moves onto the second word, the first syllable being "square". After a few incorrect guesses such as "box," "shape," and "Jorge's box of secrets/happy". When Spencer correctly guesses "square", Sam suddenly correctly guesses "Spongebob Squarepants", followed by the correct answer siren being sounded. Sam dances her victory dance as Spencer accuses her of cheating. When Sam becomes angry at Spencer's accusation, Freddie gets in front of the camera and awkwardly tells Carly through the camera that he loves her. The video fades to black, with Spencer giving Sam a high-five on her win.

Spongebob Squarepants

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