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Jake Krandle is a senior student at Ridgeway High School on whom almost every girl has a crush. Jake appeared in the episode iLike Jake as one of Carly's many crushes. He is currently dating Stephanie. He is good at many things including sports and playing the guitar but he is terrible at singing. It is debatable whether or not Jake has a crush on Carly after he broke up with Stephanie. Jake eventually lost interest in Carly right after the web show, because he believed that Carly liked Freddie, because of when she kissed his nose. However, Carly debates this, saying that it was "just a harmless little nose kiss!" (It was also because Freddie fixed his singing using an audio voice filter, making him and Stephanie fall in love again. Jake is portrayed by Austin Butler, who played James in another of Dan's shows, Zoey 101.

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