Japanese Policeman
The police officer who escorted Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Mrs. Benson to the Hotel Nakamura in Tokyo from the desert in the episode, iGo to Japan.

After skydiving from a cargo airplane run by Socko's uncle, Freight Dog, into a deserted area of Japan, the iCarly gang was found by this policeman, who brought them safely to the hotel they would be staying at while they would be competing in the iWeb Awards.

I took his handcuffs

"I took his handcuffs."

The policeman was played by Sonny Saito.


Spencer: I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't found us.
Policeman: Oh, you would have slowly starved in the wilderness until you all perished and were eaten by wild animals!
Spencer: ...Right.
Carly: Well, thanks so much.
[Policeman says good-bye and leaves.]
Freddie: He was nice.
Carly: He was weird.
Sam: I took his handcuffs. [Holds up handcuffs]

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