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Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy started her music career in 2009 with her debut single titled "So Close". As of January 2012, she has released four singles and two Extended Play (EP)s: one with five songs and another with seven. She has been signed on with two music labels; first, Your Tyme LLC and then Capitol Records Nashville.

She has stopped and is concentrating on acting.


Your Tymes Record, LLC

  • So Close (single) (10/3/2009), Co-written with Ty Stevens and Joy Williams
  • Homeless Heart (single) (5/19/2009), Cover of Amanda Stott's version.

Capitol Records Nashville

  • Not That Far Away (single) (6/1/2010), Co-written with Rachel Proctor and Blair Daly
  • Not That Far Away EP (Extended play) (8/17/2010) including the following songs: Not That Far Away, Stronger, Break Your Heart, Me With You and Put Your Arms Around Someone.[1] Stronger was released later on NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 35 on August 31, 2010.[2] Also see this Portuguese Wikipedia page on the EP. The EP was given a positive review, "This EP really carves a road for Jennette in the country music business. In Jennette's voice I really see a little bit of Carrie Underwood mixed in with a little bit of Martina McBride. Although she is just a teenager she already has the voice and singing skills of a talented and established singer."[3]
  • Generation Love (single) (3/15/2011), Written by Tom Douglas, Heather Morgan & Ross Copperman [4]
  • Jennette Mcurdy EP (2/24/2012) 7 songs, 1 bonus track[5]
  • Jennette McCurdy (album) (5/6/2012 or 1/6/2012).[6] Jennette commented on the upcoming album, "I really wanted to just be honest to myself, stay true to myself with every song and deliver a CD that I felt reflected who I am as a person and tell the stories of my life because I feel that that’s what people will relate to the most. Country music strikes a chord in people’s hearts that makes you think ‘wow! I know exactly what they’re talking about. I felt that before.’ I wanted people to be able to feel the same thing and I felt that could only be accomplished if I really wrote what I knew."[7]
  • McCurdy left Capitol Records in July of 2012 and will continue to work as an actress for the time being [8]

Chart History


Album Chart Peak position
"Not That Far Away EP" Billboard Hot Country Songs 32[9]
"Not That Far Away EP" Billboard Top Heatseekers Charts 3[10]
"Jennette McCurdy (EP)[11]"
"Jennette McCurdy (Album)[12]"


Song Chart Peak position
"So Close" iTunes Country Charts 16
"Homeless Heart" iTunes Pop Charts 53
"Not That Far Away" iTunes Pop Charts 25
"Not That Far Away" Billboard Hot Country Charts 58[13]
"Not That Far Away" Mexican Charts 30[citation needed]
"Generation Love" Billboard Hot Country Charts 44[14]

Details of singles

So Close

So Close
JM so close pic

So Close

Label Your Tyme Records, LLC
Composers Jennette McCurdy, Ty Stevens, Joy William

So Close[15] is the debut single written by Jennette McCurdy, Joy Williams and Ty Stevens under the label Your Tyme, LLC. It was released on iTunes and on March 9, 2009.[16]


The song is about a girl's crush on a boy who seems "so close" but is physically or metaphorically far away. It was written based on an experience of McCurdy's. Country Music Television's Alison Bonaguro described it as "a refreshing country sound from the otherwise all-pop-music factory known as Nickelodeon".[17]


The single reached 16# and 53# on the iTunes Country and Pop Charts, respectively, within the first day of release, and was kept on these two charts for at least a week.

Jennette remarked, "it's been a lot of hard work and I'm so happy it's finally coming out. I thank you all for your constant encouragement as it's really helped me to keep on keepin' on! THANKS!".[18] She continued, ""I've been so pleased with (the response to the song). It makes me so, so, so happy to hear that people really like it." "I want to thank you guys so so so so SO much for going and downloading So Close, my first single on iTunes."[19][20]


It stayed on the iTunes Charts for around four weeks.[21] In terms of iTunes chart performance, this was her most successful single to date.

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Homeless Heart

JM homeless heart pic

Homeless Heart

Homeless Heart is a song by Canadian singer Amanda Stott from her second album Chasing the Sky and featured in the album Women & Songs 9.[22] Stott also released a music video of the song shot in Cuba.[23] It is written by Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, and Harry Sommerdahl and was very popular.[24][25] She described it as "a song that can be taken from the perspective of a relationship or a parent to a child or even a person's faith, where people can make the song their own and put themselves in it."[26]

Bryan Rice version

Danish pop singer Bryan Rice released his version and a remix of Stott's version with Tom Belton in Auguest 2006. While Stott's version opened with "Lonesome Stranger" Rice's version started with "Lonesome beauty". He also released a music video (not a remix) of the song shot in New York City.[27][28] It was a hit single for him.[29]

Tobias Regner version

The winner of Germany's Deutschland Sucht den SuperStar (season 3), Tobias Regner, made a pop/rock version of the song in his album, Sraight, which reached 99th position in the European Top 100 Albums for 6 weeks.[30] Regner's version also opened with "Lonesome Beauty" and changed the line "You've got to find" to "You gotta find".

Jennette McCurdy version

Jennette's cover was released as her second single under Your Tyme LLC, following exactly Stott's lyrics.[31] Within the first week of release, it reached #43 on the iTunes Country charts and peaked at #24 on the UK iTunes Country music chart.

The song was for McCurdy's recently deceased friend Cody Waters, and 20% of proceeds were donated to the Cody Waters Foundation.[32][33]

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Not That Far Away

Not That Far Away is Jennette's third single, written by Blair Daly, Rachel Proctor & Jennette. It was released
JM not that far away pic

Not That Far Away

to country radio on May 24, 2010 and as a music download on June 1, 2010.[34][35] The song serves as her debut single and the lead-off single to her upcoming debut album with Capitol Nashville. Jennette was at North Star Mall singing this and her other songs on the EP for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.[36]


"Not That Far Away" is an up-tempo song featuring prominent banjo and electric guitar with steel guitar fills. The song's female narrator describes the scenario of a young girl, who dreams of becoming a country artist, heading out of town to Nashville, Tennessee in pursuit of her dream. In leaving, she finds herself assuring her mother that she's "not that far away" from her hometown in California.

Jennette said, "This song really captures the last year of my life. I've been in Nashville writing for and recording my record and following my dream while really missing my family and friends back in Garden Grove, California."[37] The single was chosen in a fan-voted poll that featured samples of six songs from her upcoming record; "Not That Far Away," with 30% of the total votes, was selected for release.


It reached #58 on the Billboard Country charts the first week (Billboard week starting July 10, 2010)[38] and re-entred at #60 in a second week.[39]


Jim Kiest remarked, "A perfectly debut about chasing dreams..."[40]

Music Video

The music video, which was directed by Roman White and shot in Watertown, Tennessee, premiered on Nickelodeon (TV channel and Country Music Television on August 14, 2010.[41] In the video, Jennette is shown moving into a new home, arranging furniture and putting up pictures of her alongside her mother. She then takes her guitar and walks through town, eventually making her way to a coffee shop, where she performs the song during open mic night. Throughout the video, Jennette is also shown talking on the phone and writing in a journal, as well as singing the song from various locations.

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Generation Love

Generation Love is the title of a song recorded by Jennette. It was her 4th overall single, 2nd single for her upcoming album and was available for the first time on March 15, 2011 as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon.
JM generation love single

Generation Love

It was released to radio airplay on April 25, 2011.[42] The song was written by Tom Douglas, Heather Morgan & Ross Copperman.[43] It was produced by Jay DeMarcus, bandmember of the Rascal Flatts. Jennette performed it along with other songs from her Not That Far Away EP across America, raising a huge sum of amount for St. Jude's Hospital.[44][45]


The song's female narrator laments on the modern generation, which is seen as selfish and caught up in mainly the technological world. It is contrasted with the early generations of the Great Depression, War veterans and the post-World War Two generation that performed feats such as landing on the moon. The main message is to convince the current generation to be a generation that is one of love--"Generation Love".

Producer Jay DeMarcus placed it succinctly, ""I think a lot of times this generation is overlooked and people think things come too easy for them. This song is a great message that there are a lot of great kids and there is an opportunity to turn it around."[46]


Jay DeMarcus noted, "Coming from her (Jennette) and the way she sings it with such conviction, it's just a great message".[47]


It debuted at #57 on the Billboard Country chart on the week starting May 2, 2011, although Billboard placed it officially on May 14, 2011.[48][49]

On the week starting May 9 (Billboard placing it officially on week starting May 21, 2011), it moved up to #50.[50][51]

The song reached a peak at #44 on the Billboard Country chart of the week starting May 16, 2011 (Billboard placing it officially on week starting May 28, 2011).[52][53]

It dipped one position to #45 on the week starting May 23, 2011 (or as Billboard released it, June 4, 2011).[54][55]

It regained in its fifth week ( news week starting 31 May 2011) to the high of #44.[56]

In terms of Billboard chart performance, this was her most successful single to date.

In the week starting 6 June 2011 (or official chart week starting June 18, 2011), it dropped to #46.[57][58]

In the week starting 13 June 2011 (official chart week June 25, 2011), it fell to a low of #54. It has been on the charts for seven weeks.[59][60]

It no longer charted on the week starting 20 June 2011. It thus remained on the charts for seven weeks, hitting #44 twice. This is Jennette's highest ranked single on the Billboard charts so far.[61]

Music Video

The music video of the song, which was directed by Roman White premiered on CMT around April 29, 2011.[62] It reached #2 on the iTunes Country charts. In the video, Jennette is shown singing on a building rooftop with the ground littered with red hearts shapes. Throughout the video, young people are shown holding posters or balloons with hearts, and helping the older generation.

For the week starting 6 June 2011, the music video made it to CMT's Top 20 Countdown Viewers Poll.[63]

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Not That Far Away Extended Play (EP) (2010)

Not That Far Away is the debut extended play released from country music singer and actress Jennette McCurdy.


It was released on August 17, 2010. It features her debut single "Not That Far Away," which peaked at No. 58 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for the week of July 10, 2010. This EP is currently unavailable in terms of digital downloading or physical CD.


It peaked at #3 on the Top Heatseekers chart and #32 on the Billboard Country Albums charts.[64] According to the Portuguese Wikipedia, it also hit #96 on the Mexican Charts.[65]

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Jennette McCurdy Extended Play (EP) (2012)

Tumblr ly273pGyIc1qjzkuno1 500

Jennette's "brand new EP", simply titled as "Jennette McCurdy" was released on 24 January 2012, initially only at Justice stores (a brand for young girl's clothing)[66][67]


It features seven tracks, according to this photograph, including the already featured single, "Generation Love"[68](See also [69]). Since it is an EP, some fans were disappointed (See previous reference). A full, 10 song album will later be released on iTunes.[70]

According to the front page of her official website, once you obtain the album/EP, you can also get a free download of a bonus song, titled "Broken Umbrella".


According to unverified sources on the Spanish Wikipedia, the EP hit #3 on the Billboard Country Albums charts and #5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums charts. This however is strictly unverified.[71]

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Jennette McCurdy (Album)

Her début album was released on on 5/6/2012[72] and iTunes on 1/6/2012.[73]


It features 10 songs, including "Generation Love". The album picture cover appears to be the same as that in her 2012 EP of the same title.

External Links

External links


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