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"He is one of the most fun people you’ll ever meet so to see him sad was hard for everyone to go on with things.”"
Miranda Cosgrove about Jerry Trainor.

Jerry Trainor

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Gerald William Trainor
January 21, 1977 (age 37)
San Diego, California
Years Active
2000 - present
Film, Television, and Voice actor/Director/Producer
Eye Color
Hazel [1]
6'2" [2]
Other Experiences
Motorcycle, basic guitar [3]

Gerald William "Jerry" Trainor (born Friday, January 21st, 1977) is an American television and movie actor. Since 2007, he has starred as Spencer Shay in the Nickelodeon TV show series iCarly.

He has worked previously with Miranda Cosgrove on Drake & Josh, as "Crazy Steve". As of now, he is Spencer Shay on iCarly for 5 years. He is also the voice actor of Dudley Puppy on the cartoon series T.U.F.F. Puppy, and he stars in the upcoming Nick@Nite sitcom, Wendell & Vinnie, as Uncle Vinnie taking care of his boy genius nephew.[4]



Born and raised in San Diego, California, far from the clamor of Hollywood, Trainor lived in the same childhood home until venturing to college. His father was a Navy commander of a fighter squadron and his mother was a calculus teacher at USD High School, the same high school Trainor attended. He credits both of his parents for his comedic bent and his ability to balance it with a serious side.

The love of laughter and the spotlight hit in elementary school, where a “Hansel and Gretel” spoof inspired him to explore the silly side of life. Growing up, the actor excelled in math and considered becoming an architect but he opted to build a career in comedy instead. He got more serious about comedy at University of San Diego High School, and roles in the Pajama Game, The Matchmaker, Guys and Dolls, Up the Down Staircase, and Sugar followed.[5] Trainor attended UC Santa Barbara for the quintessential college experience, combining academics and partying on the beach. He graduated from UCSB with a BFA in acting – but not before a Hollywood agent caught his one-man comedy show at college and urged him to audition in Los Angeles.[6]


His first role was on television in the risque MTV series, Undressed. Some of his other television credits include, Drake & Josh, Angel, Malcolm in the Middle,Boston Public,Crossing Jordan, and a small scene in Victorious.

His first recurring TV role was as Brian "The A.V. guy" on Crossing Jordan. In his appearance on Drake & 'Josh, he was known for his role as Crazy Steve. All the while, he kept his day jobs at Starbucks, the Geffen Theater box office and Center Theater Group phone room. Jerry’s recurring role as Crazy Steve led to his first regular series gig when he was cast as Spencer, an off-centered aspiring artist and brother and guardian of his teenaged sister, Carly, on Nickelodeon’s mega-hit television series, iCarly. Trainor’s portrayal of Spencer garnered the actor his first Teen Choice nomination for Choice TV Actor: Comedy in 2009 and a nomination for Big Kid Award at the 2010 Australia Kids’ Choice Awards, which Train
or also co-hosted.

He also has had a number of small roles in films such as the science fiction-horror film, Donnie Da'rko,Evolution, and the cheerleader comedy Bring It On Again

Jerry also played the mad Doctor/Various other characters in the Henson Alternative web series S.U.D.S, which was supposed to be released in 2009 on have only seen a trailer [7] and some pics taken from Jerry's Facebook page [8]

His voice-over roles include: The Penguins of Madagascar (cockroach) and the lead character, Dudley Puppy, from Tuff Puppy.

Outside of film and television, Jerry was in a "World of Warcraft" video series called Project Lore. He played the healer Goggins who is a Draenei shaman. He left the show on February 7, 2009.

{C}Right now, he is famous for iCarly as Spencer Shay and T.U.F.F. Puppy as Dudley Puppy.

Jerry at the Kids Choice Awards 2010.

He hosted the 2010 Australian Kids Choice Awards along with Miranda Cosgrove. He was mentioned in the 2011 Australian Kids Choice Awards, when Jennette said that Jerry gave Nathan and her advice for the awards.

Jerry had a main role with his iCarly co-star Jennette McCurdy in the 2011 movie, Best Player. He had a main role in the 2007 movie, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. Unlike all other Drake & Josh episodes he got credited in the beginning.

As of 2012, it was confirmed that Jerry will be filming a pilot for Nick At Nite. A new comedy show called "Wendell & Vinnie" a multi-camera project that was created by Emmy-winning writer-producer Jay Kogen(Frasier)1

As of mid-February 2013, Jerry has been part of "Wendell & Vinnie" and he is set to be a producer on his own show 1


Year Film Role Notes


Donnie Darko Lanky Kid His scene (along with Ashley Tisdale) on Youtube


2003 Wrong Hollywood Number Bailey Warren short film Link to full short film
2004 Bring It On Again Smug Guy direct-to-video
2007 Pieces of Dolores Bookstore clerk

short film trailer




Waking Dreams

Wreckless Epic

That Movie Show


Kelly Kirkwood

Gary Dinardo

Movie's website pics+trailer

short film? Myspace page with pics

Webshort/ ep.7 Video here!

Year Title Role Notes






Malcolm in the Middle

Boston Public

My Wife and Kids



Mitchell Friendly

Trekkie bowler

season 2 - 3 episodes.Watch Ep. 2+3 on Blip

Episode: Evacuation

season 1 ep 22

season 2 ep 25

2002 Angel Jared Episode: Supersymmetry
ER Darious Episode: One Can Only Hope
2004 – 2005 Crossing Jordan Brian - The A.V. Guy

Episode:Dead Or Alive


Episode:Blue Moon

Episode:It Happened One Night

Episode: A Man In Blue

2004 – 2007 Drake & Josh "Crazy" Steve Recurring Role
2007 – 2012 iCarly Spencer Shay Main Role
2007 Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp "Crazy" Steve Nickelodeon TV Movie
2008 iCarly: iGo to Japan Spencer Shay Nickelodeon TV Movie
Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh "Crazy" Steve Nickelodeon TV Movie
2009 - 2010 iCarly: iDate a Bad Boy Spencer Shay Nickelodeon TV Movie
iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx Spencer Shay Nickelodeon TV Movie
iCarly:iQuit iCarly Spencer Shay Nickelodeon TV Movie


Audience member

Episode: "Jade Dumps Beck"

Clip of it here. You see him at 1:00 wearing darkyellow/green hoodie

T.U.F.F. Puppy

Dudley Puppy Main Role



Celebrity Liar himself Q+A video and CL: Jerry Vs Willie Garson

Best Player

Holiday Road

Wendell & Vinnie

Quincy Johnson

Month:Doug, in October


Main Role; Nickeloden TV Movie
(Mar. 12, 2011) (shot 2010)

Narrative film, made a debut at Slamdance 2012 1

Main Role


  • Jerry has a habit of constantly wanting to buy new boots and shoes because he loves them.[9]
  • Jerry's Top 5 favorite episodes of iCarly are iDream of Dance, iDate a Bad Boy, iGot a Hot Room, iGet Pranky, and iStart a Fan War.[10]
    • iDream of Dance: "I wear a dress. 'Nuff said."
    • iDate a Bad Boy: "I love it when Spencer tries to be a responsible adult. In this one, he goes to great lengths to keep Carly from dating a rebel type dude."
    • iGot a Hot Room: "This has Dan Schneider's favorite Spencer moment. I find out I'm getting a large sum of money, exclaim 'What?!' and my pants fall down for no reason. Comedy gold, invest in it!"
    • iGet Pranky: "This is a favorite because of the prank montage. One of the most fun to rehearse and shoot. The whole cast and crew were laughing through the entire episode."
    • iStart a Fan War: "No question, working with Jack Black puts this one at the top. He was hilarious and a true pro. Plus we sing a song together, amazing!"
  • Jerry hosted a 2011 Halloween TV Special possibly featuring former Drake & Josh co-star, Allison Scagliotti, who played Mindy Crenshaw on the show.[11]
  • Jerry narrates a Children's Holiday Book, entitled Too Many Toys written by David Shannon.[12]
  • Jerry directed the iCarly episodes iApril Fools and iLost My Head in Vegas.
    • This made him the only main cast member of the show to direct an episode.
  • Jerry doesn't have an Instagram account.[13]


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